Počítam s tým, že sa nakazím koronou

Pri akých problémoch neodkladať návštevu zubára ani počas pandémie koronavírusu? Aké opatrenia nás tam čakajú? Prečo sú súkromní zubári takí drahí?

Sensitive? That’s a lie!

Dr. In an interview with the monthly magazine Zdravie (Your Health) Dr. Valéria Michnová corroborates, and refutes, the most infamous myths about sensitive teeth.

Men are scared of dentists. Until they see one for the first time

Talking about esthetic dentistry, Dr. Valéria Michnová explains not only what’s new in the field, but also why men today are frightened of dentists and how to overcome the fear of them.

My workday

“Even though I’ve been practicing dentistry for many years, each day I tell myself how grateful I am to be in this profession," says Dr. Valéria Michnová.

The path to a confident smile

Esthetic dentistry can help achieve the smile you desire. What else can it do?

Are your teeth at stake?

During the summer cracked, broken and dislodged teeth are the most common reasons patients see the dentist.

Matters of the heart

A nearly perfect surgical procedure for gums that optically shrink the teeth.

What are implants?

Dental implants are functional, esthetic and also the perfect substitute for missing teeth.

Start the new year with a smile

Having good, healthy teeth is important for everyone, both for functionality and esthetics.