Patients receive a written quote for the best possible and most affordable treatment after an initial comprehensive examination. Quotations take foreseen financial costs into consideration.

New Consultation 60€ 30min.
Routine Exam (cheek up) 20€ 30min.
1 Hour Extensive Assessment from 120€  
Intraoral X-ray for Internal Purposes 40€  
Bite-wing RTG for Internal Purposes 40€  
Panorama X-ray for Internal Purposes (OPG) 50€  
3D CT Examination for Internal Purposes 120€  
3D CT Diagnostics 110€  
Composite Restorations from 90€  
Dental Hygiene from 76-170€  
Root Canal from 400€  
Extraction (non-surgical) from 120€  
Surgical Extraction from 500€  
Ceramic Crowns (inlays/onlays) from 520€  
Philips ZOOM - Teeth Whitening 600€  
General Anaesthesia 350€ 1hod.

For more information on prices
please either e-mail or phone us


Modern dentistry demands an experienced dentist with high quality professional material that also happens to be very expensive. In some cases treatment at this level can be costly for patients and in some cases not enough has been saved to cover the treatment. This situation cannot always be resolved easily, especially when the condition is acute and the patient needs to be treated as soon as possible

In order to provide our patients with the greatest possible service and assistance in a critical situation, ArtDentistic has started working with Homecredit to enable patients to cover any dental work.

How it works

After consulting with the dentist, patients receive a payment plan where they see the precise breakdown of what needs to be done and the prices for a healthy and beauty smile

Then an online model is produced for the patient with the amount requested and this information is sent directly to Homecredit for approval. The entire approval process lasts about an hour. Patients can go to the comfort of home and be contacted later about the outcome.

If approved, an appointment is made for treatment according to the schedule that has been developed.

If you are interested in financing or wish more information, please contact us at 02/52 44 46 34, 0902 575 600 or e-mail artdentistic@artdentistic.sk.