Start the new year with a smile

Having good, healthy teeth is important for everyone, both for functionality and esthetics.

Patients deserve the human touch

Dentistry has reached a high level in Slovakia and yet the human touch remains missing.

Your life and your success

Success is something everyone can understand, but it is in essence a certain sense of satisfaction.

Dental bonding

A missing tooth and the gap left behind becomes over time a problem for your other teeth.

Say cheese!

Is your receding gum line sensitive to heat or cold?

Was a tooth pulled?

Put a cold compress where it was and don’t be afraid to eat or drink dairy products.

What do you do for mouth ulcers or if your gums are inflamed?

One in four people, a large segment of the population, are troubled with mouth sores.

Custom-made smile

You can have your teeth pleasantly and painlessly modeled to the size and shape you like.

My tooth’s missing? What now?

Have you had a nasty accident or did your tooth break?