DSD esthetic dentistry

Good dental health is the key to the well-known feeling of internal balance and a strong self-esteem. At ArtDentistic, we work with patients to enhance their dental health and especially to keep their teeth healthy afterward. 

The appearance of teeth change over a lifetime. They become stained, chipped, abraded, rotated or tilted, or they may be lost. Seeing an aesthetic dentist lets you improve and brighten your smile.

Smile Design

Are you among those people covering their mouths when you’re smiling and want to smile without any reservations?

​Do you want to have a self-confident, radiant smile and the lifestyle of those who do?

Then Smile Design is the right solution for you!

Smile Design is a comprehensive life-changing procedure for patients who feel their teeth don’t look nice and are often scared of smiling. The overall smile design is not just about esthetics, but first and foremost about how your entire teeth function. We at ArtDentistics have plenty of experience with Digital Smile Design (DSD) from the many years spent living abroad and practicing dentistry. Every patient is treated by us as an individual and the overall effect of the smile digitally designed is as beautiful and natural as possible

A new smile in just three visits?

Yes, that’s true. Just three sessions with us and patients leave with a brand new smile.

The sessions work as follows:

Session 1 - The first consultation gives you the opportunity to determine what you need and your ideas about how your new smile should look. You are evaluated in a comprehensive dental examination and a solution is suggested for the smile most esthetically and medically appropriate for you. Then either an imprint is taken of your teeth or there is a scanned 3D “wax-up” of them for you to see a few days later.

Session 2 - A few days later, you return to see the 3D plaster model of the new teeth and how the entire jaw would look. A model of the original teeth is also shown for you to compare and view the real difference. If you approve the model of the new teeth, then the dentist will start working on treatment in the next session, putting the ceramic veneers exactly in the shape of the 3D model. In the meantime, you leave with temporary makeshift veneers that match the shape of the final teeth. These temporary replacements are worn for about a week until the final ceramic veneers are ready. All of this is painless!

Session 3 - During the final visit, the temporary dental restoration is removed for the final ceramic veneers produced from the approved 3D model. You leave with a brand new radiant smile as desired and with no pain.

Modern DSD for vibrant, naturally beautiful teeth

ArtDentistics follows the principle that we do more than design teeth! We always suggest a smile while adjusting the esthetics of the teeth! Besides functionality, teeth enhance how the face looks and gives everyone their own unique and individual features.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is the communication tool we use to design the desired smile to achieve excellence. Patients can contribute toward the creation of their new smile. A DSD consultation, subsequent Cerec scan, CBCT examination and specific photos and videos we take of your teeth provide a visual software design of future teeth directly in the face, or the teeth are designed as “shells” with no preparation, just “fitted” on the teeth and tested. This design can be reproduced with absolute precision in the final aesthetic reconstruction.

Artdentistic believes it to be an indispensible part of addressing aesthetics that patients not be denied this platform of unrivaled experience and optimizing effective esthetic treatment with the emotional benefit of a clear esthetic outcome. Therefore, patients are encouraged to choose this simple yet modern, innovative way to restore their smile.