At present, implantology is primarily indicated everywhere around the world as the number one therapy for tooth loss in people regardless of their age. ArtDentistic sees implantology as part of modern dentistry.

It is a very advanced method for replacing a lost tooth, where the implant is fastened with a small, preferably titanium or zirconium screw gently and carefully inserted into the bone. It integrates more firmly into the bone than the tooth itself. Implants relieve the other teeth of the excessive stress they would experience in any other replacement of lost teeth such as bridgework and partial dentures.

Artdentistics has a knowledgeable dentist with an advanced degree in implantology awarded in Germany and many years of experience outside Slovakia helping patients reconstruct their smile and tooth function   with implants produced abroad by reputable international brands such as Strauman, Ankylos, Xive, BioHorizons and Nobel Biocare whose level of quality exceeds local implants. 

Dental implants

Implants most often involve professionally inserting a small titanium screw into the bone under the patient's gum. Titanium is a material known to cause no allergic reactions and so has no effect on the body. Advances in dental scientific research have made it possible to create a titanium implant that firmly attaches to the jaw to create a secure foundation for a new tooth

Advantages of implants:

  • Durable
  • Most esthetic solution available
  • Alternative to dentures
  • Able to support bridgework or dentures
  • No abrasion of neighboring teeth
  • Biologically compatible – causes no reactions in the body and is commonly used in medicine
  • Firm and resistant to chewing forces
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Taste-neutral so no metallic taste
  • Proven long-term solution