Prosthetic restoration replaces missing teeth or a missing part of the tooth. Even teeth with extensive defects can have even their height, bite and color adjusted

Our clinic staff can suggest individual, affordable treatment.


When there has been a significant loss of dental tissue, sometimes a more comprehensive solution is necessary to replace a part of a tooth lost because of decay or trauma. Crowns are an excellent aesthetic and functional solution.

Depending on the material, ArtDentistics uses these types of crowns:

  • Resin or “makeshift” crowns are made quickly while you wait. But because they are fragile, they are only a temporary solution
  • PMMA crowns are also quick to make and a bit firmer than resin crowns. Generally, they are short-term.
  • Ceramic or porcelain e-max crowns are significantly more esthetic and functional and blend perfectly with the patient’s own tooth
  • Gold crowns are rarely made because the color clashes with the other teeth and they are expensive.
  • Zirconium crowns are esthetic, weight significantly more than other crowns and are indicated for more extensive bridgework or as a monoblock when implants are used for full mouth restoration. 

Facets (veneers)

Facets are a thin layer of porcelain bonded to a tooth that is colored, chipped or crooked. They give your teeth the ideal shape and color and can even be used to cover narrow gap between your original teeth. In today's modern minimal-invasive dentistry, DSD is the ideal substitute for getting a radiant natural smile


If the patient loses one or more teeth for whatever reason, there is a wide gap in the dental arch. As the name says, a bridge replaces the missing teeth and is anchored on abraded pillar teeth that are usually at the edges of the gap. Because these defects are not very esthetic and additionally the dentition loses its functionality, there should be a prosthetic replacement as soon as possible after the loss of the tooth

Because bridgework abrades the neighboring teeth and shortens their lives, ArtDentistics rarely makes bridges and rather considers implants to be the ideal solution for a lost tooth or teeth.

Complete and partial dentures

Dentures continue to play an important role in addressing complete or partial upper and lower jaw tooth loss. They come in different forms, whether in classic resin or chrome-cobalt. Flexible partial dentures are a potential solution for people that find it hard to get used to the hardness and inflexibility of classic resin dentures. They also play an important role as a follow-up solution for implants. These are tailored to specific patients in specific situations so even your relatives or close friends would never know that you are wearing dentures