Visit your dentist before you take off for your summer holiday.

A cavity doesn’t hurt in the early stages. It just appears on the surface of the tooth enamel. Unless it’s filled, the cavity spreads deeper into the dentin and then to the pulp, and that’s when you have toothache. Few think about prevention and that, dentists say, is a mistake. And not just before you go on holiday.


Patients in Slovakia deserve the human touch

He arrived in Glasgow with just three hundred euros in his pocket, given to him by his mother-in-law. Soon afterward, his wife joined him in the British Isles. They believe the level of dentistry in Slovakia is excellent now, but it still lacks the human approach towards patients and the knowledge that it takes a good dentist to create a wonderful smile.


3D Guided Surgery – computer-assisted surgery for correctly inserting tooth implants

Introducing innovative 3D GUIDED SURGERY, a technology that in the clinic lets us implant a crown exactly where it ought to be esthetically and functionally.


What to do when your smile is spoiled by too large gums

Nowadays doctors can change the appearance of not only your teeth but your gums, too.


Today modern implants can address tooth loss. Should you get one?

Various circumstances can lead to the loss of a tooth. The most common causes are bacterial infections and injuries. Nonetheless, it is a problem both esthetically and for your health.