A loose tooth is no trivial matter! If your tooth is injured, dentists recommend a rapid response

No one should underestimate the loss of a tooth after an accident. An esthetic defect is not the only issue.

Sports bring joy, but often also injuries. Smaller cases such as a dislodged tooth tend to be underrated. Would you ever shrug it off if it weren’t visible?

“It’s very important to stay calm after an accident, as there’s still a chance to save a knocked out tooth if it can be found and it isn’t broken. Put it in milk and urgently see your dentist, as time in this case is really of the essence,” says Dr. Libor Michnal at his dental clinic, talking about first aid. “I definitely recommend visiting a dentist because a loose or knocked out tooth can damage the root or fracture the jaw. Not seeing a dentist right away can cause other dangerous diseases to appear in the future,” he warns.

If it is too late

If the tooth is severely damaged in an accident or it cannot be found, then it may have to be replaced. The solution may be a conventional bridge, removable dentures or dental implant. “While the first alternative abrades adjacent teeth, a denture causes problems for the tooth it replaces and also the soft and hard tissue underneath,” says Libor Michna, “so in this case a dental implant is the ideal solution.”

Learn more about implatns at: http://www.pluska.sk/izdravie/liecba/vybity-zub-nie-je-malickost-po-uraze-reagujte-rychlo-radi-stomatolog.html