A gorgeous, healthy smile from ArtDentistic

Good dental health is the key to the well-known feeling of internal balance and a strong self-esteem. ArtDentistic works with patients to improve their dental health and especially to keep their teeth healthy afterward. 

MUDr. Valéria Michnová - ArtDentistic

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the communication tool for designing the desired smile to achieve excellence. “This lets a patient contribute toward the creation of his or her new smile,” as Dr.   Valéria Michnová explains, adding that many people now have a clear idea of what their new smile should look like.  “After a consultative examination, we are able at the clinic to visualize the idea using software and also design the future teeth right in the mouth, which can be physically attempted. Simultaneously, this design can be reproduced with absolute precision to produce the final esthetic reconstruction.

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