We’ve moved and installed revolutionary instruments, but our approach hasn’t changed

A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me 300 euros. At the very beginning, that was what we had to live on in Glasgow. Today my wife and I have the most modern dental clinic around. When we were studying together in university, both of us knew that we wanted to have our own dental practice and provide our patients with the care they really deserve. Our skills and knowledge has been acquired by us mainly outside Slovakia. So where have we gone?

The beginning in Glasgow was not very easy for us. We had plunged ourselves into a completely new environment and had to get used to a new culture, another language and a different style of work. With the money my wife’s mother had given us, we had to stand on our own feet. This we managed to do.

Yet it was in this time that we embraced the idea of what the relationship between a dentist and patient should be. It was also when we realized that the healthcare system in Slovakia was not as bad as we had originally thought. However, it lacks the human touch and an individual approach, both of which are important for building mutual trust. It was with the experience acquired abroad that we returned to Slovakia. Once here, we started putting innovative ideas into practice and working with modern technologies We started to put innovative ideas into practice and to work with modern dentistry and implantology technologies.

We found it worthwhile to hang in there, building a new style of work and a different attitude toward patients. Now we’ve been in Bratislava for five years and are opening our own state-of-the-art clinic. Our new offices provide a timeless design both for our work and especially for our patients. It may feel to some that time has flown, but we knew exactly where we wanted to go and what we had to sacrifice. We’re still educating ourselves abroad, studying, traveling and getting acquainted not only with new procedures, but also with cutting-edge technologies, while at the same time putting it all into practice. Today the result of all our efforts is our new ArtDentistic dental clinic in the Zuckermandel neighborhood of Bratislava.

We’ve moved and installed revolutionary instruments, but what we’ve built so far hasn’t changed. Our attitude and approach toward patients. There is still potential and we’ve been watching what is happening. We are delighted to be able to show all our knowledge, expertise and procedures to patients in our new offices, and we’re looking forward to seeing each of you. Come and let your own teeth be convinced.

Libor Michna