Visit your dentist before you take off for your summer holiday.

A cavity doesn’t hurt in the early stages. It just appears on the surface of the tooth enamel. Unless it’s filled, the cavity spreads deeper into the dentin and then to the pulp, and that’s when you have a toothache. Few think about prevention and that, dentists say, is a mistake. And not just before you go on holiday. “Seeing the dentist does not have to be annoying. If someone is sufficiently concerned about their oral health and regularly undergoes preventive examinations, there is no room for concern. During an examination, we basically concentrate on overall oral health,  watching for more than the risk of tooth decay, but also monitoring the condition of the gums, soft tissue and dental roots,” says Dr. Michnová at her dental clinic, ArtDentistic.“If detected, there might be problems while on holiday, too.”  


Caring for teeth before going on holiday doesn’t stop when you see the dentist or have your teeth cleaned. You should be paying attention to them during those hot summer days, too. “This is a time when food and beverages are more often consumed that can have an impact on tooth enamel,” she continues. “Your teeth might be weakened by lemonade, fresh juice or your favorite smoothie. Ideally, you should rinse your mouth after you have them to reduce the acidic environment.”


A place for your toothbrush

Valérie Michnová mentions that no one should forget about keeping your teeth clean at home, “Besides a good toothbrush, there should be room for interdental brushes, dental floss, a tongue scraper and mouthwash.” She also adds that ideally the mouthwash should be fluoridated. Xylitol-sweetened and sugarless chewing gums are also good for preventing tooth decay, as well as drinking plenty of water. The dry environment in the mouth is ideal for dangerous bacteria to reproduce, and shouldn’t be there on holiday or even belong in the mouth.