I need an implant

Implants are today a long-term solution that provides the best functionality and esthetics when an entire tooth has been lost because of injury or inflammation.

How do I find out if an implant can be inserted?

Whether an implant can be inserted is determined by an OPG scan taken directly at our clinic, with an ArtDentistics implantologist assessing whether there is enough bone. If a patient is healthy and has enough quality bone, surgery can be undergone basically right away. If there is not enough bone, then bone has to be grafted before the implant is inserted. Depending on the severity, an implant usually takes up to three hours. You are conscious all the time and feel no pain. Only the place where the surgery is going to be performed is anesthetized. Afterward, you can calmly leave on your own feet.

How are implants better?

Titanium dental implants

Titanium is clearly the best material for implantology. It causes no allergic reactions and so has no effect on the body. Advances in dental scientific research have made it possible to create a titanium implant that firmly attaches to the jaw to create a secure foundation for a new tooth.

Advantages of implants:

  • Durable
  • Most esthetic solution available
  • Alternative to dentures
  • Able to support bridgework or dentures
  • No abrasion of neighboring teeth
  • Biologically compatible – causes no reactions in the body and is commonly used in medicine
  • Firm and resistant to chewing forces
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Taste-neutral so no metallic taste