White smile

These days everybody should have healthy and beautiful teeth. Your teeth are like your business card; from the esthetic point of view the appearance and overall look of your teeth are extremely important. If nature has not blessed you with completely straight, gorgeous white teeth, don’t despair. ArtDentistic can help you. Order a Digital Smile Design consultation for a recommendation about the ideal solution that meets your specifications and the condition of your teeth, with the final aesthetic solution as minimally invasive as possible while giving you a natural radiant smile.


Is whitening safe?

Artdentistic uses exclusively a whitening system that contains only 6% hydrogen peroxide to safely remove unwanted stains and coloring from the enamel without damaging teeth or making them more sensitive.  Any patient that comes here interested in whitening first undergoes a basic clinical examination to determine whether it is capable of delivering the desired result. If not, another esthetic procedure is recommended.

Whitening at ArtDentistic

Professional treatment directly in the dentist’s chair lasts just two hours with a whiter and brighter smile quickly and safely.

Whitening at home

Teeth can be whitened in the comfort of your own home with an active gel that is applied to a custom-made plate, worn according to strict instructions, to achieve a smarter and brighter smile in 10-14 days.

Esthetic facets

Other esthetically popular dental procedures besides whitening include cosmetic teeth correction. Where the change, position, or color of the teeth needs to be changed, porcelain veneers are used to correct especially the front part of the teeth.

Artdentistic provides patients with the unique opportunity to try Digital Smile Design (DSD) that fits to the face, considered high added value for anyone interested in this aesthetic dental treatment.